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With over 26 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits in the past five weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump’s decision to issue an executive order Wednesday barring some categories of immigrants from entering the U.S. for at least 60 days is eminently reasonable and the right thing to do.

The immigration restriction is well within the president’s authority and is a genuine “no-brainer” that should be supported by every American concerned about the grievous harm the coronavirus has caused to public health and the economic health of our country.

The coronavirus pandemic is plunging the U.S. into what could be the sharpest economic disaster in nearly a century – and potentially even worse than the Great Depression that ravaged our nation from 1929 until the late 1930s.


Massive federal stimulus and financial relief measures are necessary to keep businesses from going under and families from losing everything. And yet, there are a few bright spots, as some sectors of America’s economy are going on a hiring binge in the midst of the crisis.

Walmart has already added 150,000 new positions and will add 50,000 more. Amazon is planning to hire 75,000 new workers in addition to the 100,000 hires it made last month.

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