Doctor posts photo of bruised face from PPE in response to anti-mask campaign

An emergency doctor has posted a photograph of the bruises caused by having to wear personal protection equipment (PPE) for 12 hours at a time.

Dr Elysha Brennan posted the photograph on her Instagram page in response to the anti-mask campaigners at the weekend.

She captioned it: “It’s day 8/12 and my face is battered from PPE. I have turned off my news alerts because I cannot see one more story about people marching in their thousands to protest against wearing face masks.”

All frontline healthcare workers have to wear air-tight goggles in hospital settings with N95 masks, full-length gowns and gloves.

Dr Brennan, who was the Rose of Tralee in 2015, said she took the photograph on Monday during the middle of her 12 hour shift after reading about the anti-mask protesters at the weekend and seeing footage of a DJ who claimed it was his constitutional right not to have to wear a mask.

Dr Brennan works in a busy accident and emergency department in the west of Ireland. She asked that the hospital not be named.