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Boris Johnson has rebuffed calls to allow more guests at weddings amid strict coronavirus limits.

The current number of attendees permitted is no more than 30.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Conservative MP Gagan Mohindra asked if the Government could relax social distancing restrictions to allow more people to attend.

He said: “Would the Prime Minister consider changing the number of attendees from a blanket limit of 30 to a fairer system, which allows venues to hold a percentage – say 50 per cent – of their usual licensed activity?

Boris Johnson has rebuffed calls for allow more guests to be allowed at weddings amid coronavirus guidelines (PA)

“This would enable many venues to bounce back and keep on their furloughed staff.”

Mr Johnson said he understood and appreciated the concerns raised by businesses facing restrictions.

But he added in the Commons: “The trouble is that in all these things there is an increase in the risk involved, an increase in the risk of contagion and we simply have to balance that risk with what we’re seeing now in the spread of the virus.

“So I must reluctantly say to (Mr Mohindra) that we will work as fast as possible to get our whole economy open, to take all these restrictions off.”

Mr Johnson said the best way to achieve this is for the country to work together to enforce social distancing, obey the rules, and take a test if they have symptoms.

At the beginning of lockdown, research found that that 64 per cent of weddings in 2020 would likely be postponed or cancelled.

The study from London-based wedding planning app, Bridebook also found that 36 per cent of all wedding business will be lost and the wedding industry could suffer losses of up to £87.5 billion.

During PMQs, Mr Johnson also urged only those who need a test to get one.

Responding to Angela Rayner’s questions about the embattled testing system, he said: “The British people, quite understandably, are responding to that system, with a huge, huge surge in demand.

“And so it’s very important that everybody follows the guidance about when they should be getting a test.”