Fans of Quality Streets are upset by the absence of popular chocolate from their boxes after the coronavirus crisis hit factory production.

Customers have been rummaging in vain for the hugely popular Chocolate Caramel Brownie, which replaced the Toffee Deluxe in the 12-piece collection last year.

Nestlé, who make the chocolates, said that “some changes” had been made to their production operations during the pandemic, meaning packs may not have all 12 sweets in their mix.

Dad Matthew Tindle said that his son was “devastated” not to find the Chocolate Caramel Brownies in his tin.

He said: “Erm excuse me @QualityStreetUK i’ve just emptied a box on the table for the kids to choose what they’d like. WHERE are the chocolate caramel brownies?! My 8yr old son is devastated, explain yourselves.”

Emma Wheatley asked the company if the variety wasn’t available in Ireland after she found none of the sweets in her box.

She said: “I opened a box of @QualityStreetUK this evening and was excited to see a new sweet — but disappointed not to find any in the box! Is the brownie available in Ireland, or is this the beginning of Brexit @NestleUKI ?”

One twitter user said: “Bought a box of @QualityStreetUK because why not, but mostly, I wanted to try the new #chocolatecaramelbrownie one … Open the box only to find out there weren’t any in it.”

Another added: “I got this pack of Quality Streets as a gift at work and was excited to try the caramel brownie. But there wasn’t one?! Does it even exist? Is it just a myth?? :(“

A Quality Street spokesman said to customers on social media: “To keep production going during Covid-19 we made some changes to the way we operated.

“As a result, some packs won’t have all 12 sweets in their mix. There’s no change to the weight & any missing sweets have been replaced with another. Sorry for any disappointment caused.”

The Evening Standard has contacted Nestlé for comment.