Live: Brownlow Medal night with a difference sees Neale the hot favourite

The 2020 Brownlow Medal is here — but not as you know it.

Follow all the glamour and drama of the night, with Brisbane’s Lachie Neale the favourite to take home the medal.

Live updates

By Dean Bilton

Bit of fashion to get things going? 

Okay, normally each year they get me to do a bit of red carpet work in these blogs, as there is generally a cavalcade of well dressed people turning up at once to get a billion photos taken. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but what is? We all have a good time and admire the outfits and then sit around and listen to some names get read out for two hours.

This year? I’m not sure if we’re about to get six different red carpets or none at all. So I am aggressively trauling through Instagram to find any sign of life. And I’ve got to be honest, it’s quiet out there…

Until now! Julie Neale, hair stylist in Brisbane and possibly soon-to-be First Lady of Footy, gets things going. Perhaps now the sparkly floodgatres will open.

By Dean Bilton

What do we know about tonight? 

While much of how tonight will work is a mystery, there are a few things we know for sure. We know that players will be gathering in little mini-Brownlow events all over the country, so as to stay in line with coronavirus restrictions. We know that Lachie Neale is the favourite. That’s about it.

By Dean Bilton

A Brownlow Medal night with a difference 

Hello one and all and welcome, on this fine Sunday night in mid-October, to the 2020 Brownlow Medal. A strange season in a strange year has tossed up a strange Brownlow night, with so many of the event’s traditions made impossible by the rona and whatnot.

And so we are left with… whatever this is. A rearranged and rescheduled digital ceremony that, if nothing else, should at least allow us to crown and celebrate the best player of this AFL season.

How will it work? Not really sure! Will everyone still be wearing the fancy clothes? Don’t know! Can anyone stop Lachie Neale from winning? Probably not! But we’re going to have some fun finding out. Stick around for the night as we navigate this peculiar COVID Brownlow together.