Ronna McDaniel hits back at Dems slamming Trump for scheduling rally: ‘They were silent’ during left-wing protests

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel responded to the New Hampshire Democratic Party on Monday after they ripped President Trump and his campaign for scheduling an outdoor rally there later this month amid an apparent coronavirus resurgence in the nation.

Trump is set to visit Portsmouth, along the state’s Seacoast, to rally in a state narrowly won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

McDaniel told “Bill Hemmer Reports” that it is ironic to hear Democrats spread indignance about the president visiting while they largely sat on the sidelines while throngs of left-wing protesters and rioters took to the streets in places like Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

McDaniel said many of those cities that saw the most serious infractions of coronavirus mitigation orders via protesting were Democratic-led precincts and noted the party said little about that.

“I’m not surprised to hear the Democrats attacked the president and Democrats who were silent during the thousands and thousands of protests that we saw across the country — where thousands of people were gathered without masks and without social distancing, being led by Democratic governors and Democrat mayors — that has now led to a lot of violence continuing to happen across the country,” she said.

“It’s sad to me that we are not hearing Democrats talk about the seven children who were killed this past weekend, most of them were African-American,” McDaniel continued. “We are not hearing about things that are happening across the country as the violence continues to spiral out of control and the president is leading the way saying, enough is enough.”

McDaniel said Trump hitting the trail is what America needs as the unrest continues.

“We can’t continue to have this unrest, and that’s why it’s important that he gets on the campaign trail and shares that message,” she added.

Shortly after the Portsmouth date was announced, NHDP chairman Ray Buckley said that the president’s COVID-19 response has been “chaotic and inadequate” and the last thing New Hampshire needs is his visit.


“[Trump’s virus response] result[ed] in thousands of Granite Staters contracting the virus and hundreds of lives lost, while causing significant damage to our state’s economy. Instead of helping our state safely recover, Trump is flying in for a political rally that will only further highlight the chaos he has caused,” he said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

McDaniel also fired back at Joe Biden after he tweeted his plan to “transform” America if elected in November.

“I think it’s frightening,” she said. “Does Joe Biden want to change the America that has provided so many freedoms and so many opportunities for everyone who lives in this country? Is he not proud of the nation he wants to lead? I think he has a lot to answer for when he comes out of the basement and actually takes real questions rather than scripted ones by pre-picked journalists who had fed him the answers.”